Hello, the fellow rider.

Björn was founded five years ago by The Bauman Moscow State Technical University graduates to create carbon bicycle components with the best performance.

Our approach is seriousness and complexity: it's about how our components perform as much as how they look. Finding the balance between lightness, durability, and comfort is our crucial responsibility because we consider the pleasure of riding to be the primary value.

We ride ourselves: road, cross-country, and enduro. We design and produce our products with care and love to ride, putting the rider's experience at the beginning of the design process.

What we want to do is not just product design. We want to do the development of the cycling experience. We sustain and value close connections with our audience: with bike-fitters, cycling enthusiasts to receive and process feedback.

To ensure we make up-to-date products, we visit industry fairs, experiment, and use the latest materials and technology. For example, this year, Björn launched the lightest saddle with a 3D printed pad. The Setka saddle was developed with the American company Carbon, Inc and is the third saddle globally that uses this innovative technology.

Our R&D center and in-house production are in Moscow, Russia. We make products by hand using all our expertise and craftsmanship.

We offer worldwide shipping and constantly developing a distribution network finding new dealers, local shops, and builders. And today, you can discover Björn products everywhere: from New Zealand and Japan to Malaysia and Canada.

We are Björn to ride, and sure you are too.
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